1. McPhisto2051

    Your connection to has been lost.

    I just wanted to host some old maps of mine and always got this error... I tried removing all stuff from the map but the error still existed. I even tried an unprotected version of my old map and still have the same bug. After many random tests, I think it's also about path length and folders...
  2. PartumCreed

    Warcraft III Battle.Net Servers Are Down?

    I'm able to connect to the Battle.Net through Warcraft & use chat channels but I cannot host a game with a bot or join any game. I was kicked in the middle of a game & could not join or host since. There are only four games in the lobby & when I try to connect to any of them, Warcraft crashes...
  3. Zerstörer

    2 player campaign connection problem

    A friend and I wanted to play the 2 player campaign so we both downloaded the newest version of Frozen Throne. We tried to connect over LAN and WIFI but it only works for about a minute and then on of us gets kicked out of the map0. The thing is that the connection works absolutely fine for...
  4. Adorm


    Hey All, I've been having really severe problems with De-Syncing in Warcraft 3 recently. Does anyone know a workaround to fix such a problem? I'll be in the match or a custom game for a few moments (5-10min) then randomly disconnect. Sincerely, Adorm