1. NightKnight

    Need experienced GUI/JASS coders and artists for a special Gladiators map

    I'm working on a special Gladiators map called Final Gladiators X. Gladiator maps consist of players who play as gladiators and a director, who controls the mobs and bosses. Each gladiator chooses a hero, buys items and kill mobs which are sent by directors for EXP. The purpose of this genre is...
  2. Bain_Rebirth

    RPG Campaign - Inspired by The Chosen Ones - Looking for Coder/Mentor

    I have begun working on a project which most closely resembles, and is inspired by, the Chosen Ones by Aeroblyctos. It is an Eastern-Themed story loosely pulling inspiration from Japanese Folklore. The goal of the Campaign is to create a replayable RPG campaign with new features, customizability...
  3. yeyoxcore

    Skyfall Crown - Moba & CTP - Teasters & More

    Hi :thumbs_up: I'm looking users like you for help me finish Skyfall Crown (Now on Alpha - 3.5) The map on more that 70% made, so soon it will have the Open Beta. I would like to asking for your help if you are: Teaster (Closed Beta) Modeler (Helpme improve the visual art) Terrainer (let's...
  4. Pugnadeus

    Heroes of Loria RPG

    Heroes of Loria Heroes of Loria is an RPG map that aims to create an enjoyable experience that features a progressive storyline filled with fights against monsters and bosses. Players have to complete quests, explore, progress and defeat bosses in order to reach the end. I decided to put some...
  5. Shayoo

    [ORPG] DepethiaOnline rpg project

    Hello everyone, today i'm here to present you my project "Depethia Online" i'm actually searching for a coder or two to help me fix the Codegen trigger of TriggerHappy & to create a safe item drop for the bosses, if anyone is interested, i'l give you credits in quest for your work, and you can...