Need experienced GUI/JASS coders and artists for a special Gladiators map

Level 10
Sep 3, 2014
I'm working on a special Gladiators map called Final Gladiators X. Gladiator maps consist of players who play as gladiators and a director, who controls the mobs and bosses. Each gladiator chooses a hero, buys items and kill mobs which are sent by directors for EXP. The purpose of this genre is just to have fun with friends.

Why I called it special is because, most of the other gladiators maps use the original heroes and abilities, with just stats change. Mostly no new heroes, mechanics, abilities or anything. This map is different. I focus on making each hero a unique experience with unique mechanics, so that all of them be interesting to learn and play.

I'm also planning to make a full frame system for inventory, health, mana and possibly talents. I've already made like 10 heroes with special mechanics.

What's needed:
1- GUI or JASS coders with sufficient experience to help make heroes, abilities, mechanics and such.

2- Artists to help make textures for frames and icons.

Test the map to see how it works. The game is still under development and has many issues (especially balance) that will be fixed soon. Since most of the heroes are still not reworked, only pick the heroes with red floating texts.


  • Final Gladiators X 1.3.8.w3m
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