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  1. Hadrien

    Hero XP penalty upon death

    Hi all :) I wanted to implement an experience penalty for dying in the game. I have made an array where X is the hero's level and Y is the amount of xp necessary to reach that level. My idea was to create 2 triggers like this (Sorry I don't have the triggers at hand right now)...
  2. Kusumato


    0x507A3C44 Can be converted to english? StringHash(s)==0x7A02BF51 then
  3. deepstrasz

    GhostWolf needs an UI maker for his web model viewer

    GhostWolf is the creator of the HiveWorkshop's web/site integrated model viewer, the MDX Sanity Tester as well as many things from which others have drawn inspiration and created tools. Model Viewer: MDX Sanity Tester: Mdx sanity tester Sanity Test | HIVE GhostWolf requires someone to design...
  4. SpiritTauren

    [General] Random Seed during Cinematics in Reforged

    I used those call SetRandomSeed(bj_cineModeSavedSeed) and set bj_cineModeSavedSeed = GetRandomInt(0, 1000000) to get random seed during cinematics. Now they don't seem to work any more =( Does anyone have a viable replacement option? Note: I disabled fixed values in WorldEdit, so that's not...
  5. BradPittlord

    Ability Codes

    Is there a way to show the duration, damage, ect of a spells next level in the Tooltip Learn - Extended In Tooltip learn %d appears to be the code to show the number for the next level So using <AEer,DataA1> for duration, in theory I should be able to use <AEer,DataA%d> but it doesn't work...
  6. SoooK

    Tooltip - Data reference only returns "0"

    I created a custom technology "R001:Rhme". Its sub data "mod2" has a value of "45" (Real, health increase per tech level). I want to display this value in a tooltip from a custom ability. I already tried to display reference data from another custom unit in this abiity, which appears to be...
  7. jvhgamer

    [General] String contains

    How to get arithmetic value out of strings with varying length? ex: -setHealth 500 or -setMana 200 The desire would be to capture and use the arithmetic value for both commands. If the commands are the same length ex: -setHth 500 and -setMna 10000 Then substring does the job but, if the...
  8. MatiasPalacios

    how to get Icon Raw Code

    Anyway to know the raw code of an icon?
  9. Dragonofsilva

    I wanna make a bonus round for a map.

    Hello, i've been trying to improve Darwins Island, the custom map, and i really wanna add a bonus round at the end. My idea is that after everyone has died, and insted of victory screen, a bonus round would pop up, and you would spawn at locations around the map, as the ''Endings'' or ''lvl...
  10. SaintNicholas

    [Solved] How to turn this to struct

    scope Slash initializer init globals private constant integer ID = 'UNIS' private constant string EF = "Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\Stampede\\StampedeMissileDeath.mdl" private constant string EFW = "Abilities\\Weapons\\AvengerMissile\\AvengerMissile.mdl" private constant...
  11. n0th1nG

    [Trigger] Can some one fix this please ?

    I want to create a passive spell that heal hp and mana each 8 seconds. Well i almost got it but i have a litte problem, (Level of Holy Nova for Paladin) Equal to 1 (Level of Holy Nova for Paladin) Equal to 2 (Level of Holy Nova for Paladin) Equal to 3 (Level of Holy Nova for Paladin) Equal...
  12. stonneash

    Hintercraft Systems & Spells Request

    Hello, I am combining some aspects of the game hinterland into a warcraft map and I have a few systems that i need help with Hire system: Visitors will spawn near a building, these vistors can be hired for a certain amount of gold to build a certain building and operate it wherever you have it...
  13. Kazeon

    Ultimate Map Development Guide - Boost up your development process!

    I. Intro Hi and welcome! Just a brief resumé, I (in the modding scene) am a big enthusiast of total-conversion maps. I'm also experienced in developing some big total-conversion map projects such as Garden's Tale, Glideon, Coconut Party, and EmberCraft. This thread is a one-stop solution for...