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  1. Gray_Fox

    [Role Playing Game] ChaosChasers -- (BETA)

    -(BETA)- Story: 2 Years have passed since the Chaos Champions defeated Grandmaster Mor'biuth and halted his schemes. However, ... evil still lurks within Blightheart Hold and the land still festers with rot. Now, this new Mor'bian Cult seeks to resurrect its' former master and the heroes must...
  2. Gray_Fox

    ChaosChasers : 4 Player Co-op RPG

    -- 2 Years have passed since the Chaos Champions defeated Grandmaster Mor'biuth and halted his schemes. However, ... evil still lurks within Blightheart Hold and the land still festers with rot. Now, this new Mor'bian Cult seeks to resurrect its' former master and the heroes must once again...
  3. Belakor.png


    Tried to make Belakor, a demon from the warhammer fb universe. It remains to animate it, but I have no idea how to do it at all. Wish me luck.
  4. Demonians.png


  5. inactive forever

    [SD/Texturing] JPG into BLP

    can you turn this image into a blp? NOTE:WAR3VIEWER DOESNT WORK
  6. StangtennisGuru

    "Chaos" ability no longer works? Need to change/turn off collision

    So Warcraft has a number of Chaos abilities such as Chaos (Grunt) and Chaos (Raider), etc. which are supposed to change a unit to another unit type when they have that ability. I've never used it before myself but based on old threads is sounds like it used to work, but when I test it now...
  7. Dwarf Chaos

    Dwarf Chaos

  8. Cheshire

    [Solved] Goblin landmines - target self, but get exp

    hey there, I'm making a spell where i'd like to have the hero set goblin landmines that the triggering player can't see, and that will target and harm his units, but when they kill enemy units he should still get the experience. any way to do that?
  9. FlameofChange

    [Crash] It desync even if there's nothing to desync

    Hello there. I got from the 1.28 desync in my map which drives me crazy. - 1) Everything works fine until a second player pass the age II. Then it desync from instantly to minutes after. - 2) It drops at least one player. - 3) Local, hosting bots, regular hosting doesn't matter it still...
  10. Chaos Demons

    Chaos Demons

    HD Army V0.3
  11. Rektis

    [Solved] Chaos Ability - How to "catch" unit when transformed?

    I'm trying to make a Mechanical Animal ability that uses Chaos to transform the animal into the unit I want. The Chaos transformation transforms a summoned unit, in response to a "unit being summoned" event. That all works fine, but when the unit is transformed, I also want to give it several...
  12. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Warcraft Canon/Fanon Related Grand Alliance Races/Factions List

    FOR THOSE WHO PLAY AND DON'T PLAY WHAoS MUST READ THIS THREAD IMPORTANTLY (INCLUDING CANON WARCRAFT AND INCLUDING ONES THAT WARCRAFT FANS MADE UP). Grand Alliance of Order and Light Angelic Imperium (@FeruEnzeruJKun) Light Forged (Can be canon) Human Empire and Human Kingdoms Order of...
  13. Rykon-V73

    Requesting 2 icons(for real this time)

    Hey there. I've been trying to find icons for the 2 models below: Chaos Spider: CryptFiend Hero Abomination: HeroAbomination Initially, I've been trying to find those icons myself, but no result. It would have been really nice if someone did this job. Optional: Can somebody tell me the name of...
  14. Mister_Haudrauf

    Chaos Orcs and Fel Orcs: Are they the same?

    The title says basically everything. What do you think are the Chaos Orcs (Orcs with just red skin) the same as Outlands Fel Orcs (Orcs with red skin and mutations (Spikes for example) ) ?
  15. Anknaton

    About a lost model... Model request

    Hello there... Once again I'm looking for an old model... This time the Chaos Defiler there was once on the resources section... Someone has it? I'm trying to have a old resources backup for my upcoming custom campaign... If someone has it, please can send it to me or upload here in this post...
  16. Chaos Wyvern Rider

    Chaos Wyvern Rider

    FileName: ChaosWyvernRider.mdx FileSize: 79KB IncludedTextures: 1 In-GameTextures: 4 Animations: 10 FileName: ChaosWyvernRider_Portrait.mdx FileSize: 35KB IncludedTextures: 1 In-GameTextures: 3 Animations: 5 Polygons: 321 FileName: ChaosWyvernRider.blp FileSize: 111KB ImageSize: 256x256
  17. Aleister

    Icon for Chaos Range (Solved by Hermit & Kuhneghetz)

    The icon of the hide model: ChaosOrcRange, is the only icon that was never created on this page and nowhere.
  18. ChAoS-mAsTeR

    I have arrived!

    Finally... ChAoS-mAsTeR has come to Hive Workshop! :goblin_yeah: I hope to complete my map Aotf: Students of the Masters soon, it is kind of a side story to my e-book Ashes of the Fallen that you can find on www.wattpad.com :goblin_good_job: I will now set off to suck every model created off...
  19. Xslaveth


  20. Devine

    unfindable orc model for my skin

    hello, i have made a skin for this handsome guy.But i cant seem to find him in the World editor. his name in the viewer is chaosorcrange...(=maybe helps :p).Im not sure to post this in this section .