1. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] buffs ,effects, and missiles for Paladin spells basd on the class spells from WOW

    hello there are many good paladin models for the reforge version ,but i want to recreait the spells from WoW for some veriety insted of just copy past the generic paladin spells , and i know there are many of the buffs and effect in the classic section of the models but i am not sure i can use...
  2. ThompZon

    [Trigger] Ability Change buff?

    So, this question has been asked a few times, but last one I could find was from 2015 and the "Ability - Set Ability: X Real Level Field: Y of Level: 0 to Z" and related functions has been introduced since. Is it still impossible to get and/or set buff of an ability? What I hoped to do was to...
  3. ravellani

    Permanent Item stacking

    I have seen in Warcraft 3 maps that some permanent items can be stacked in 1 hero inventory slot but the hero still gets the buffs from all the items. How is this done? For example: 15 Claws of Attack in 1 slot and the hero gets a damage bonus of 225 which is 15 times 15.
  4. Anglo Warior

    [Solved] Trying to get an ability to apply buff to a Building

    So I'm trying to get an ability to apply a buff to ability. The ability doesn't do anything, I need it for the buff for triggering reasons. I can't seem to tick the right boxes to get the bloody thing to work. Is there a set of boxes that does what I need or will I have to apply the buff via...
  5. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Making an empowerment ultimate ability (ex: Karma from Lol); how do I do the special effects?

    Hi all, Sorry for the vague title; I wasn't sure how to phrase this question in so few characters. I'm trying to make a hero with 4 abilities, 3 basic ones and 1 ultimate ability, but the thing that makes this slightly more interesting is that the ultimate ability does nothing substantial on...
  6. Voljin

    Disabling health/mana regeneration temporarily

    Hello Hive, I'm trying to make a survival type game where, if you go too long without eating food, you get a hunger debuff and 20% of your hero's health knocked off. Problem is... it just regenerates before the next timer finishes, which doesn't really go with the theme... Is there some way to...
  7. sarumanthecursed

    Abilities cancelling each other out

    Hey. in my map I have a lot of abilities so I tend to have to reuse the same dummy abilities like all the autocast abilities and roars, etc.... my problem however is if I use two Inner Fire dummy abilities to place TWO different buffs on a unit with each having separate triggered effects, one of...