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  1. Ricola3D

    How is managed collision between units ?

    Hello, I have a hero fighting a big boss (model Pit Lord with scale x3), like shown by the image below. However when I fight to melee, my hero goes inside the ennemy selection circle, in collision with its mesh. What settings do I have to change in WE to avoid that ? I tried to change the...
  2. CodeBlack

    [Trigger] Trigger Abomination Slim Down

    Hey Guys, Me again with obnoxiously ridiculous triggers and a cry for help. Can somebody take a look at this monstrosity and give me an idea on how to slim it down? Those triggers handle the Buffs/ Debuffs and the unit counts that happen through placing buildings besides each other. Because...
  3. Loner-Magixxar

    Request for a Skilled Terrainer on a Big Map

    It's been almost a year and a half that I've been working on a big multiplayer (2 players) action-adventure (Mostly action) map. I've focused on Heroes, spells, items, and map setups and now this process is almost complete and I need to start designing the level; but I need a good base-ground to...