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  1. S

    BlueEyes and Simplicity

    I don't really expect this to last, I don't know, 2 hours? But it's at-least something I did do. I've made some Alien specie called "BlueEyes" and decided to try and make them famous here. I requested them once to be models for WC3 but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen because they...
  2. Sapprine

    Can anyone give me a tutorial on the very basics and main features of modeling?

    So, I've been looking across hive, scouring for a basic tutorial on how to start modeling and how to create textures and animate customly made models and such. But all I'm finding is things like how to open/fetch models or how to edit excisting textures and mainly focus on excisting units and...
  3. MyPad

    Structs (A rough crash course)

    Introduction to Structs (Part I) (By MyPad) Hello reader. By having clicked this link here, I assume that you want to learn structs, right? Yes, you do, and what a wordy tutorial this would be. What we'll need to have is (either): 1. JNGP or 2. Sharpcraft WEX (for...
  4. ILH

    Basic - Creating Icons from Screenshots

    How to Create: Simple Unit Icon Hello there, and welcome to this very basic tutorial! Are you working on a project and having your OCD triggered for not having a precise icon for one of your custom units? Fear no more! In this tutorial, I will show you how to create basic icons using these...
  5. Rhadamanthus

    [General] Ability Doesn't Show Up In Game

    Hello, This is a really, really basic question: So I was going to pick up the Editor after a long time and just goof around, so I copied a normal creep unit (Frost Wolf) and then copied Command Aura (Neutral Hostile) with the intent of adjusting both so they'd be powerful enough to devastate...
  6. D

    Basic 'Soft Shading' Technique

    Due to a request, I'm writing a quick tutorial on shading. This is a very basic technique that works well for soft shading. All you need (beyond the obvious) is a brush tool with adjustable opacity, a colour-picker tool and patience. It is preferable to use a pen tablet, but it is not necessary...