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  1. Screenshot (645).png

    Screenshot (645).png

    Stormwind entrance
  2. CSW Azeroth map - teaser

    CSW Azeroth map - teaser

    a small teaser showing the update CSW world map, created by teammate Marthin/Andeval
  3. TheRedneckRebel

    Custom Melee/RP Map Request: Azeroth AKA World of Warcraft

    I AM NOT REQUESTING ANOTHER AZEROTH WARS MAP THIS IS SOMETHING I WAS WISHING FOR A LONG LONG TIME! I would simply like to request a 480x480 map of all of the world of warcraft. Including the three main continents with Darnassus and GM Island along with npc's which are friendly neutral and...
  4. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Altered Melee] Lords of Azeroth

    It's is reforged version of my altered/Advanced melee map Lords of Azeroth Huge Army control, Cinetografic camera, capturing resource buildings, powerful heroes and many more. In version 1.1 many features added. More Info, trailers will come soon...
  5. AMarkoff

    [Altered Melee] Warcraft: Legends

    Hello to all fans of the WarCraft universe! Sorry for bad english AMarkoff present WarCraft Reforged is coming. Soon, players will plunge into the updated campaigns and begin to fight in the rating matches. My idea was born after the next match in StarCraft 2 Coop (The unique armies under...
  6. Nicoo.rv014

    simple tirion model request

    Hello, I am sorry for my poor English and I hope you understand my application. I'm working on a project about a year ago I am creating a complete azeroth map using the amazing hive models. But to finish it I need a simple tyrion model that suits the game. I tried to create it on my own but I...
  7. nightelfbuilder

    Blasphemy against Azeroth!

    Who really burned Teldrassil and why? Who is that injured elf? Let the debate begin.
  8. Stormwind's Alliance Crest

    Stormwind's Alliance Crest

    A simple cnp edit of the WoW Alliance crest, to represent the Human Alliance of Stormwind.