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  1. Ricola3D

    Triggers : test if item is "Use automatically when acquired"

    Hello, From a trigger, is there a way to test if an item is used automatically when acquired or not ? It is because I am using Dangerb0y's Easy Item Stack 'n Split system, and when trying to pick a power-up or an item that use automatically when acquired, it plays the error sound.. PS: I can...
  2. dreambeliever

    Automatic scheduling system

    Looking for a tool to make scheduling audit easy and safe. I was just thinking if this could be flexible enough to work for a large group effectively. How does automatic scheduling system work? Please let us know if you have the idea about a software or a tool related to what we need.
  3. Flux

    [General] A quick way to copy Object Editor Data Fields/Change the base ability

    Example Scenario: I made a spell based on Channel and filled up the descriptions, hotkeys, manacost, cooldown, button positions, etc. Now I want to make the spell instant without interrupting order so the solution is to base it on Berserk, but let's say that spell consists of 10 levels, do I...