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attack waves

  1. KingsNJenssons

    [JASS] Trying to figure out how to make a basic AI

    ok so im trying to learn Campaign ai as i wanna make my own campaign. So i took this template script and edited some what to try and have them attack the player who would be purple team. (reason why their all 60 seconds is for testing) all they do is just send preplace units for the attack...
  2. Voltron212

    Creating a Randomized TD Wave-Set System

    Hello! I am creating a TD with a few complex ideas I'm trying to implement... but have next to no idea how. I am reasonably new to using the Editor, but am trying to my best to learn while making my dream TD. I want to make it so there are multiple Wave Sets of units which get rolled after each...
  3. Homor

    [Campaign] Diablo's Labyrinth Lord! (Dungeon Keeper inspired campaign)

    I'd like to introduce you guys to my newest pet project: Diablo's Labyrinth Lord! You play as the big red menace himself, Diablo! In a tribute to the gameplay style of Dungeon Keeper, you'll explore complex underground dungeons and turn them into full blown Labyrinths. Waves of heroes will...
  4. lachferagh

    Attack waves like campaign?

    Hi guys, So what I'm planning to do is set up attack waves on the player by the AI. The problem is that it isn't from an AI base but just from an enemy barracks, so I'm just wondering if this would still work through an AI editor? Will they operate when they only have a barracks (and a couple of...