1. BrothForMyPeople

    Attachments disappear when I change unit's skin via triggers

    Hello I've made a trigger where standard paladin model changes to Uther when he takes specific item. Although, all attachments (like aura, buff etc. as well as custom attachments like shield or sword in left/right, hand) disappear when the skin changes. When I am buffed again and I drop the item...
  2. PiesOfNorth

    [SD/Misc] StarCraft Asset Improvements

    I've been working on a Zerg Campaign for War3. It uses many assets from Project Revolution, some which I modified to add things like sounds, attachment points, or collision boxes. That's about the extent of what I feel confident doing with the assets though, as I'm not much of an artist...
  3. Veritas 117

    Elf ears attachment

    I am wondering if someone could make a (hopefully) simple attachment. Basically I just want some long pointy elf ears to attach to the head of human units to make them look like elves. Specifically I want to add it to the original Jaina model to make an elf mage. This should also be for Classic...
  4. wd40bomber7

    WIP - Extract all weapons & Disarm all units from Reforged

    Disarmed Models & Weapons This is a "Work In Progress" resource. I'm working on extracting all weapons held by units into standalone attachments. At the same time I'm creating a weaponless model of every unit that normally holds a weapon. This includes fixing the 'hand' attachments so they're...
  5. master Gul'dan

    Model Edit

    Please add the DreamWeaver to the dranai mage broken and dranai broken hero.
  6. Xzere

    [Solved] Attatchment Problem

    Hello guys, how come this only works for 1 player/unit. How do i make this work on multiple units? And the reason i have "turn off" is because i dont want it to stack the ablility, or does it work that way? Note: The "Add armor (Blacksmith)" is an attatchment ability. Armor Gear up Events...
  7. posthumousturbo

    [General] Attachments Don't Work

    I want give weapon spear to wc2 ogre model from hiveworkshop. I write "right hand" and this don't work. I want use attachment on mephisto model from hiveworkshop, probably this unit not have origin attachment. Please write why this don't work? right hand (wc2 ogre texture), origin (on hero and...
  8. The Grey

    Need a leather helmet attachment

    Hello im making a map that uses attachments alot and atm i cant find a simple leather helmet
  9. jj84

    Model Edit

    Please add the sharp side on both sides of the pickaxe. Model link: Pickaxe Item Thanks.
  10. jj84

    Add a weapon (with model editor)

    how to add a weapon to a model with model editor? Please a tutorial with images.
  11. jj84

    apothecary weapon

    Please remove Undead Apothecary - weapon and add dreamweaver staff to apothecary. Staff: DreamWeaver Thanks and rep for help.
  12. NekoToast

    [Spell] Effect Attached on unit scale.

    Hello, im currently learning triggering and stuff. I wanna make a spell that creates sort of a field attached to my Hero and every enemy in range of this field is heavily slowed (Like a magnetic field), but i have no idea how to make the effect bigger on my Hero to match the AoE of the ability...
  13. jj84


    Someone can add missile for red and blue demoness model. Please use weapon or attachment to make missile.
  14. master Gul'dan


    hi guys...... can someone replace pick model the link model below for peon model i uploaded? DraeneiGemcrafter
  15. COE Saracen Units

    COE Saracen Units

    The Middle Eastern Spearmen variations, at least until I can get some good models or attachments.
  16. BrazilEmperor

    Golden Staff :)

    Hello, my brothers! Could anyone recommend me some model of holy staff? a staff of bishop, priest or related to sacred magic, preferably of gold color ... Thank you!
  17. Manuel

    Looking for german speeking Modeller/Suche deutschsprachigen Modeller

    Hallo everybody, i am looking for an german speaking and active modeller. It makes it much easier for me to ask something or talk to that person. Specially i have problems with creating models for attachment or changing models for different kind of characters with different sizes or figures...
  18. Dadicho

    Medivh's Staff (Atiesh) as Attachment Model

    Hi, first post is years, the recent update of warcraft 3 put me back into making stuff in the World Editor. In one of my maps, the main character has the possibility to gain an item named ''Atiesh'' just like in world of warcraft . With the attachments possibilities it makes it interesting for...
  19. Tanni

    Frostmourne Weapon Attachment

    Hello, simply put I just want a Frostmourne weapon as an attachment, for the right hand. Thank you. Edit: okay i made one myself. sorry for flooding the hive with tons of these requests which ultimately lead to me solving them myself
  20. stan0033

    MODEL REQUEST: Evocation(stand) I want to request a model very similar to this with only stand animation.
  21. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Autocast ability attachment

    Hi Can I create an attachment on a unit´s right hand when autocast for a spell (like frost arrows) is on? Also removing it when the autocast is off :p
  22. UmbraUnda

    [Solved] Questions about Upgrading Units with Ability Attachments

    I'm working on a series of tiered units using ability attachments. Better + more gear with each tier. I want to have each unit upgrade like a building. Problem is its really tedious to have a unit for each tier, when there's 3-5 tiers per unit type + Heroes revert to level 1 after the...