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  1. Raining Outside

    Question regarding projectiles, and a few other questions

    Hello! I just started experimenting with the editor for the first time in years. It's so exciting to open up the editor again, it confused me when I was a teenager but looking at it now it is incredibly powerful and intuitive. I have a few questions. I was experimenting with making it so that...
  2. bruunk

    [General] Is there a way to hide the "Attack Ground" button for artillery units

    I want to hide the "attack ground" button from my units and have instead a custom ability that will essentially act as a replacement for "attack ground". The only real difference is that I am using "Channel" with "Unique Cast" checked. It's not mandatory to have, but if it is possible it would...
  3. Cheshire

    [Crash] attack ground with orb

    hey, @Bribe wrote in [Crash] - List of WarCraft III Crashes that "Ordering an artillery unit with an orb ability to attack-ground crashes the game". I have a hero who can morph into having an artillery type attack and can attack ground. my map is altered melee and has all the standard melee...
  4. Cheshire

    [Spell] Detect attack ground/tree

    hey there, is there a way to detect when the ground/trees are attacked? I mean when the missile hits, not when they are targeted... I can't find any way to even detect when a generic tree dies, and couldn't figure out how to do any of this with bribe's damage engine. would be glad for any...
  5. Crusad3r91

    Detecting Unit Attacking Ground

    EDIT: blast, posted in the wrong section, is it possible to move this in "Triggers & Scripts"? Thanks. Greetings everyone, I have been trying to find a way on how to detect when a unit attacks using the "ground attack" command; looking around, I've found this: Attack Ground Event 1.01 which...
  6. German Mortar Trooper

    German Mortar Trooper

    An edit of Zess's Dieselpunk mortar model, I awaited such a model for a REALLY long time, and now my dream has come true, Credits to both HerrDave and Zess.
  7. Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe"

    Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe"

    German Self-Propelled artillery of WWII. Credits to HerrDave for base models and guidance.