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  1. Jay-B

    Area Healing Trigger

    Good Day, may i ask on how to make ''Unit - Damage Area'' act as a healing function?
  2. Passivipaska

    Area markers for boss fights

    Hey. I've been looking for some 'Area markers' for boss fights for some maps I've been making. I have no idea how to make custom skins / models, so I'm hoping someone will see this post and help me out. I need circles... Kind of like Auras, but a unit model. Preferably red, multiple sizes if...
  3. Haxerflaxer

    [Spell] Hero ability AoE & DoT

    Hi! I've just started using the editor to create some fun maps for me and my friends and so far it's going great; except one encounter, which I seem to be unable to do and can't find any solutions on the world wide web. I'm trying to create an ability for a hero which is more or less like the...
  4. AquaFire

    Distributed Bounty Gold FX for Nearby Heroes?

    Hello Everyone, I am making a map that where heroes band together to farm creeps. However, i have had a quick question about distributing bounty. In "Tides of Blood" a player can just be near a lane and hostile minion deaths would give gold (+include Bounty Effect). To praise it even further...
  5. Martinez

    [Crash] custom terrain texture

    (sorry for my english) Hello, I do not know if it's the right forum, but please help, advice. I would like to ask you how it is with these custom textures, which uploads the game. I noticed that most of those that I installed, and those that I do alone, they have black bars on the sides. I...