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  1. HerlySQR

    How can I make a unit attacks a target without need make it face that target?

    Can you tell me what stats I have to change to do that? because I wanna when I use dummies I wanna make them attack/cast inmediatly without need make them face an specific angle.
  2. Cheshire

    [Spell] How to calculate angle?

    hey, this is probably a simple equation, but I have not touched geometry or trig for years, and haven't been able to find an explanation in terms I am familiar with enough to use in warcraft... basically I need to solve for D: I want to be able to find the angle that is the middle of the...
  3. vneck

    [General] Unit Pitch Rotation

    You used to be able to rotate units, such as exp effects to make beams etc. by changing the max. pitch angle to -90. This seems to be not possible anymore, so I'm wondering if there is another way of achieving it.
  4. bruunk

    Is there a way to change the direction of special effects attatched to a unit?

    I've been trying to add custom triggers to a basic spell just to change up the look to it, however I'm not having any luck with one particular thing- the angle, or direction, of the spawned special effect. I'm trying to use the Special Effect - Change Pitch/Yaw/Roll functions but no matter...
  5. Mechcash

    Camera Angle

    Is it possible to change the defeault camera angle/rotate it for the whole game? So when the game starts it's not the normal camera rotation, but basically a 90° rotated view, which lets you see the map from another direction than the defeault one. Thanks in advance!
  6. ANdROnIQ

    SetCameraBounds + camera rotation bug

    So, today I came up with this crash function: function Crash takes nothing returns nothing call SetCameraField(CAMERA_FIELD_ROTATION, GetRandomReal(240, 300), 0.00) call SetCameraBounds(-1000, -1000, -1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, 1000, -1000) // just any bounds, even GetWorldBounds()...
  7. Ofel

    Operating special effect orientation

    Hello guys I'm back wrestling with special effect, now with the orientation. I used this library: library OrientEffect //============================================================================================ //OrientEffect by Cyclotrutan...
  8. hardcure

    Casting ability but facing wrong...

    I made a ground-target ability(Shockwave,Envision) and make a trigger with it.... Everytime i cast it, a bullet will come out and shoot. But the problem is when casting behind my unit-facing , the attack animation is already performed while the rotating(angle,direction) process is still...
  9. hardcure

    Ability And Rotation...

    I made a ground-target ability, now the problem is that my unit start the attack animation before it faces to the target point of ability being cast....
  10. Uncle

    Issues with projectile not bouncing off of walls properly in GUI

    EDIT 2: Alright, so this system is tailored to my very specific needs and designed around my map. There's a good chance that this long wall of text won't be helpful to you, but maybe you can pull something out of it. Here's how I'm detecting Wall Bounces for Horizontal and Vertical facing walls...
  11. Uncle

    [Solved] Creating a Multishot ability (adjusting arrow angles to match # of arrows fired)

    Hello, I'm terrible at math and wondering if anyone could help me with this trigger. I'm creating a Multishot ability that fires multiple projectiles towards a target point. I want the system to detect how many arrows are to be fired (a variable I want to be able to adjust freely) and then...
  12. Ofel

    Safe way to get the middle of 2 angles value?

    If: angle1 = 90 angle2 = 180 midAngle = 135 <-- Okay, no problem. If: angle1 = 360 angle2 = 90 midAngle = 225 (wrong: not a middle between 360 and 90, toward south) <-- Which must supposedly be 45 (toward north) Formula used: midAngle = angle1 + ( (angle2 - angle1) / 2 ) Any suggestion?
  13. apsyll

    [Solved] Mouse rotation system don't get right angle

    Hello everyone I tried and failed now to make a camera system where you click on the floor and rotate around your unit by dragging the world around in relation to the mouse courser as the fix point. The thing is it kind of works sometimes, especially when you keep the mouse clicked and draged...
  14. Dark-Zalor

    [vJASS] Problems with angles on sliding system

    I have problems with my sliding system. In this map I got boats. These boats are moving via Triggers. When the owner of the boat click somewhere on the map the boat turn to reach the location. The problem is when I test the map sometiles they're doeing some beautifus angles sometimes they turn...
  15. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] More damage if the target is not facing the caster

    Hello This is a fast question I am trying to make a triggered ability to make more damage if it hits a unit from behind (dont mind the projectile, is an instant ability based on cripple)
  16. Woodenplank

    [Solved] Spawning Effects in a circular lines

    Not sure if the title is misleading, but I'll make a drawing to demonstrate the issue. I'm trying to get Holy Light special effects (actually just a unit with the holy light model) to spawn in seven lines of 3 effects in a circle (see drawing in Spoiler) A Hero casts a point-targeted spell...