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  1. Retera

    Is Warcraft III on Android stupid?

    In the summer of 2022 I was feeling down about Arclight Rumble because I felt that it existed at the expense of future improvements on Reforged, and when I looked at how they had Warcraft 3 characters in a charismatic and artsy way now for sale on the phone I felt like everything I had done on...
  2. neo_sluf

    [Development] Archshooter - 2D Fighter Shooter Game (Browser and Android)

    Who am I? I am a member of this community since 2012. My original account is neo_sluf but due to the account reset on 2019 I can no longer access my original account. I am a WC3 Map Developer a long time ago and you can download my game at the Resources/Map Section. I am just a beginner at...
  3. Dick Assman

    Warcraft III Hero Roulette - App for Android phones

    1. Introduction: Tired of playing the same stock heroes over and over again? Enough of always picking the best hero? Sick of the Blademaster's soundset? Nothing can withstand your nukes? Your hero just never wanna die? Killing the rock golem with Watertaurens isn't funny anymore? Want to...