1. Xelos

    [Altered Melee] Mercenary king

    Hi friends, after a long time started working on a bigger project. So far they were only small, melee races, but this time bring new elements. So Mercenary king is to custom/altered melee map on dragon waterfalls but will have some new terrain and wave spawn enemies. first the player will have...
  2. xyzier_24

    Unit Cost Calculation for Melee Maps

    I don't know if this is the right Forum to ask this but: - I am looking for a formula for calculating the unit cost of the first trainable non-worker unit (or the basic one, to be exact) in a standard melee. Well, just a reference based on the gold cost for Footman and Grunt. Doesn't have to...
  3. [K40$]-Spectre

    [Altered Melee] Wcr3 TFT Expansion mod

    Info: An expansion mod for Wcr3 TFT, mainly adding units, heroes, items and towers. Nothing that has not be done before but I had fun making and playing it. This mod is relatively easy to export to other maps (it is not protected/optimized and only uses wcr3/TFT assets), so feel free to expand...
  4. Krakenn99

    [Miscellanous / Other] Natural Selection

    Natural Selection Created by Krakena with the help of Persuasive and Soylent Download: Natural Selection v0.5b - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic Map Info: Natural Selection is a map inspired by the game "Natural Selection". You have 2 teams: The Force(Humans) and The Plague(Aliens). Player...
  5. Keathen

    Aid in Making Maps

    As the title read, I need help in making maps. You can be in a long term or short term collaboration with me, or just one map. I love making maps, but never shared them because they were just lacking. My standard will be Medium to Epic-sized maps (if Epic is possible to me, though). You can also...
  6. Lurker99

    Faction Selection for a Wc2 Melee

    Hello Hive, I am working on a melee map that will use wc2 factions (not just Orc and Humans, but the actually kingdoms and clans). I require a trigger system that will allow the player to select their nation or clan simply by using the assigned team color at the map start ie playing as human...