1. Luashine

    How to use Blizzget to download official game files (for example v1.32.10)

    Since 1.33 is really a mess that continues to be a headache (especially the WorldEditor), here's a guide how to get the official files for previous releases. I assume you have already bought the game or own a license. Of course, you must understand that a "multi-dollar company" Blizzard cannot...
  2. Ricola3D

    New desync cause of patch 1.32: have you experienced it ?

    Hello, After hours of debuging I found a new cause of desync since patch 1.32 (Reforged). I produced it with this system : Item Lists. I changed a few things to the map : - Remove 'building requires - buildable' in dummy units (otherwise it does not work for patch 1.32 and newer) - Add a...
  3. Mathayis

    Custom games don't work

    Well, at least the ones I made don't :p I'm sure i'm not the only one suffering with the same issues, and I feel kinda bad making all these complaints as i'm sure Blizzard is scrambling to fix things....Right now I'm just trying to figure things out so I can continue playing and map making...