"All places. All things have souls. All souls can be devoured."
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Aye, I was talking about the picture! But anyhow, I was just asking about the OP's old god content which I saw on discord months ago
To clarify, this is not the model from WoW but a custom model made from the ground up with custom textures and animations to fit the Warcraft 3 universe better and to lower the filesize
The tentacles are also custom made to fit the style and rig of the WC3 Tentacles from the Forgotten one

And yes Zoda, the three Old gods from WoW are all coming, madness, whispers, lies and all
very nice looking. tentacles bit low poly, for my un-appease-able taste. but the scene looks good.
Wanted to keep them in line with the Forgotten One tentacles already in the game, making sure they were a bit squared ^^

Already working on the third one "Death... is.... close.... Your friends will abandon you...."

That's the idea, yup!

Also working on the textures for these guys, not set date when they're released atm


keep them square? lol...

well, if you ever change your mind the button ur in need of is called extrude -- you can add alot of mesh with the extrude button -- by selecting what mesh you wish to stretch out and expand, via choosing the vertexes, and click extrude, once, then use the move key (m) and it will make a whole big chunk of new mesh/new polys for you -- the catch is mesh that is extruded is usually un moved as far as the uv wrap is concerned, but you can ''add'' alot of vertexes with extrude, its a nice tool.
Thanks for the tip but it's more of an artistic choice, I keep the models on vertex par with the original Warcraft 3 models to make them fit the game better, most of the models go upwards 2000 before I look for areas where I can weld vertices together to lower the size etc
Less is more sort of :thumbs_up:

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