Warcraft 3 Deckard Cain

Warcraft 3 Deckard Cain

A Warcraft 3 version of Deckard Cain. This model was created before the release of Diablo 3 and I believe it was meant for Archian's "The Fallen Angel" mod.
@Stefan.K For one, I don't have the same tools anymore.
These are all models I made YEARS ago and as my album title suggests,
some screenshots I'm going to post are of models that are completly lost.

At most I could texture some of these just for fun, but to finish them properly I'd need to animate them etc.
and I simply don't have the time to learn that or get back into. I've been out of the modding business for a long time.

I am contemplating to release the surviving unfinished models so someone else can finish them if they desire so,
but I'm not sure how much interest there is.
There is *definitely* interest, my friend. : ) Especially with Retera's newly-updated RMS, I think we could find a number of people able & willing to finish these beauts properly.

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