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War Elephants
lul looks cute. I like it, feels like it needs more work though.

I feel like, there is something... wrong with the uv wrap, what happened to the upper arms and shoulders? why is the texture so segmented there? and the same height at the back legs too, it looks very, broken up? hard to describe.

I feel like you could of used a lot more ''welded'' points in those sections. remember, you can loop a texture over its self, over and over again, to reuse the same piece of a texture without making it look too stretched or segmented, while still looking smooth without looking over used. a useful trick for complicated meshes of wood, or even in this case, the trunk, or the shoulders/upper shoulders.

aside from those issues, this is a very useful and intelligent use of the kodo beast pack animal texture, I just feel like it could look better. welded points are key

his ears get slightly pierced buy the spikes behind his head too during that admittedly very cool looking rearing-back stand animation.

another issue I have is the tusks, I feel like more polys wouldn't make that much of a difference on the size compared to how much more detail you could add, with much higher poly tusks, I personally like 6 pointed hexagons, in strings of up to 10 or 11, you could make those tusks into some very nice curvy shapes.

looks nice.

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