Trade Prince froce.png

Trade Prince froce.png

1.Burning axe:Experienced and powerful warrior using fire magic in battle combat.He was one of the first heroes to enter the service of Trade Prince.He was very pleased with his fighting zeal, thanks to which he gained many units and a raw material for his conquest plans.He knows very well that if something needs to be done with pure force then Burning axe is ready for action.
2.Ogre shaman:Every army needs support magic. The Trade Prince also
realized this and so he found it deep in the Kulun Mountains gifted ogre shaman.It has not yet happened that under the leadership of OgreShaman the army of Trade Prince has lost.
3.Renegade druid of claws: Once a brave and respected druid of the night elves.
But everything changed when he led an army of night elves against Trade Prince force.He well aware that it would be a pure massacre of night elves, so instead of fighting bravely with his brothers and sisters to the very end, he decided to betray and go into service of Trade Prince.
4.Void one:Unknown
5.Trade Prince:He was born of a rich royal family. As the only offspring he was greatly pampered by various toys.
He mostly liked live toys from dogs to small dragons. He always wants more and more live toys.When he grew up for a large amount of gold, he built a smaller army consisting of outlaws.This army was enough for him to go out into the world and collect various objects and monsters for gold. There were also those who did not want to sell him enslaved beasts. such outlaws killed him and then he took what he wanted.Over time, the small outlaw army became a massive legion of various types of units. With such a legion, he could conquer the whole kingdom and collect more things.Enemy troops fled the battlefield in fear when they disarmed his army. Over time, large alliances were formed against him, forcing him to retreat. That's when he realized that he would need help in the
form of powerful heroes for his collector's plans.

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