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TL:LoP - Karnar City 1

A traditional build that falls more in line with the style of Warcraft III. Made by LisPL, current owner of the Titan Land discord.

TL:LoP - Karnar City 1
_Guhun_, Sep 11, 2019
    • deepstrasz
      So, when are you updating the map?
    • _Guhun_
      @deepstrasz I originally planned to update it on the Hive at the end of the 1.2.x update cycle, but patch 1.31 changed that completely. Right now I plan to add it at the end of the 1.3.x update cycle. Basically I don't want to constantly update it until I've fixed all the problems that keep it from being approved, but some of those problems aren't as high priority as other things that I had been working on. I'll update it on THW when I've addressed all your previous issues and I think the map will be approved. For now I've just been releasing new versions on GitHub. 1.3.0 should be released by Friday, then the 1.3.x update cycle should last about a month.

      Looking back, it's grown a lot since April. It's still 50 MB on the version uploaded here, while my development version is 114MB. But adding so much content so quickly means I don't have as much time to polish all the edges to get it approved.
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    Titan Land: Lands of Plenty Showcase
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    Sep 11, 2019
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