Somme Offensive Terrain WiP
I know it doesn't look like somme river at all, but its not my goal to make a map looks like irl, i just gave a random name of a western front battle
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@Hazop Thanks
there were grass before, but i decided to remove it to give more of a artillery devastated western front feeling into the map
@deepstrasz its actually a river, but i have hidden the east bank because right now it looks like trash, i still have to terrain it(or just mirror the west bank)
@Anglo Warior You mean like CoH? Yes, but i haven't implemented it yet, maybe ill make the control point a neutral hostile building(so AI can target it) that when "dies" becomes owned by the player that "killed" it.

i also plan to make that you get gold (name will be changed later) normally from gold mine, but lumber(again, name will be changed later) from control points, so its like a mix of WC3 and CoH

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The Great War
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