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  1. HerrDave

    German Pickelhaube design rework

    I've been considering replacing the Red Insignia of the False Kaiser with the Imperial German Eagle. BUT It kind of flies in the face of the original project. What do you guys think, should I change it?
  2. Renault FT 2

    Renault FT 2

    Almost finished.
  3. Renault FT

    Renault FT

    Just needs wheels and few other things and i think it will be good to go. Credit to HerrDave for base models.
  4. Char Saint Chamond

    Char Saint Chamond

    Almost done, I just have problems with shading (normals) and getting some parts of the mesh look like the real one.
  5. St.Chamond


    I have great trouble making this french tank. Base model:A7V Credits to HerrDave
  6. Somme Offensive Terrain WiP

    Somme Offensive Terrain WiP

    I know it doesn't look like somme river at all, but its not my goal to make a map looks like irl, i just gave a random name of a western front battle
  7. Imperial German Army

    Imperial German Army

    All units of the german army from my map