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Sallet crossbowman

Because studying for finals is for nerds, I'll be ruthlessly butchering some models and since it's already tradition, most of them are going to include some HerrDave here and there. This is the first of many.

Sallet crossbowman
Galadgod, Oct 30, 2020
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      Looks great! Good to see more realistic esc troops :p
    • Galadgod

      I'm trying to make the units look """"realistic"""", but keeping the units fitting a theme.
      Like, this faction will have armor that looks more of a late medieval age, while the other "human" faction will be more early, with great helms and such. Of course, there will still be plenty of magic toting and pegasus riding weirdos, and horned vikings, that much is inevitable.
    • rcshaggy
      Could you make a Warcraft III Reforged model based on this with the Footmen?

      You all have to do is just remove sword and shield, add crossbow from Gnoll, and give it their animations...
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    Tragedy of Etheria
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    Oct 30, 2020
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