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Ritualistic Sacrifices

Collaboration with lord_Turin. Magic happens when he's on it.

Ritualistic Sacrifices
Heinvers, Jun 27, 2017
    • Lord_Marrowgrath
      lol its warcraft, not unity xD
    • Heinvers
      It isn't even that great...
    • Magicon92
      what model do you use for the cliffs that sticks a bit out? =)
    • Heinvers
      Search Longbowman's Fantasy pack on xgm.
    • A]mun
      Invested hours?
      Truly, without knowing, one wouldn't necessarily guess this is wc3.
      5/5 maybe 4.9/5, because you could tell a little story inside the picture with markings of blood, npcs - after all this is meant to be stared at, right?!
    • lord_Turin
      @A]mun Total hours maybe 6 - 8 between two persons. The problem with adding NPC is the quality, they will stand out too much :(
    • kellym0
      hmmmmmmmmmmmm ahahaha nice.

      this is nice terrain. and yes im aware of that xgm fantasy pack. it was quite a load, wasent it.

      I think you sirs and or madams have too much time on your hands. but it sure looks great.

      and yes its warcraft cant you tell? I can tell lol. good job.
    • Heinvers
      kelly, if only that were the case. We just happen to enjoy making this stuff :]
    • Necrozed
      very nice view :) *_*:eek::cool:
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    Jun 27, 2017
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