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Proffesional Terraining without Data imports

Proffesional Terraining without Data imports

A little stream leaking out of the mountains in a nice pond along a small road at the countyside of Lordaeron.

Part of my Project, poor expedition.
I also do free colobrations, deliver fast and proffesional work. I intend to terrain purely for fun and hobby, therefor I require no payment or credit for anything.

I prefer working with just melee assets, but i do tend to edit object data for the doodads i use.

I respect conditions and preserve and elements given to me on premade layout sketches.

Also I do terrain enhancements, storywriting, a bit of basic triggerwork, creative thinking, ballancing and make advanced contructs (large structures made entirely of eddited doodads).

The only tilesets I'm not so good with are Cityscape, Dungeon, Underground and Lordaeron Summer.

My favourite and most motivating tilesets for me are: Village Fall, Suinken Ruins, Barrens, Outland and Dalaran Ruins (a.k.a plague lands).
sniffle sniffle my cattails aren't good enough for you? they wiggle though!

lol in all seriousness this looks nice, blizzard grade even, well done

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