"Primal N'zoth"

"Primal N'zoth"

A texture I am working on right now after recovering Marilyn Monroe.
"A botanical old god that looks like N'zoth, living among shores and coasts, even fond of swampy forests and jungles. He creates botanical creatures and parasitic plant life."
- X.R. Hatecraft, from his book, Enigmaticus Beastirum XIV, 1883.
lol nice. recolors can be hard, don't let anyone tell you different.

I like it, I think green and orange may have been better then green and blue, but you may find success with other colors as well, thats preference really. I personally think yellow orange or even black would look good (for the eyes) with blood red for the mouth fading to black, take the ''energy'' out of it maybe and turn it into a big black hole. up to you.

I think you maybe should go for a different color on the mouth, so its more distinguishable from the eyes, I think so far however it looks like it belongs in the scene, like a model that is meant to be there, so well done. 9/10
I'd like to use its mouth as blue to serves a watery black hole or water sucker hole. This greeny variant is inspired from Gene Worm and Tentacle from Half Life and Opposing Force if you encountered them :)

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