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Panther, once again

Panther, once again

Not satisfied with an older edit of mine, I'm at work to improve the very polygonal warcraft 3 panther (the image on the left is taken from the ripped huntress panther submitted by Kuhnegetz).
Looking for 2D artists to cooperate with me in order to make a better-looking texture for a panther!
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heh heh, you really like this animal/unit hey, you know, I remember having this model play the part of stealthed black panthers in my mur'loc map chasing mur'locs in the jungle, it was actually pretty scary, and during my tests I saw derpy animations and fixed them. its funny you would come back to that model of all models, such nostalgia, wow.

My advise? make 2 versions, keep one as vanilla as possible, and fix its animations your self til your happy with them, and alter other body mesh issues, so that ''night elfs'' can ''jump'' onto ''panthers'' and become huntresses, and one with your new head mesh on top of its deleted head, with the vanilla ones animation fixes, for others who would use it in a different way like survival maps.

because the vanilla huntress cat is a classic that deserves some love, looks lovely.
the vanilla huntress cat sucks.
other similar cats in blizzard games are either as ugly, or they have unreasonable polycounts for warcraft 3.
it's a wonder that nobody made a decent-looking panther with reasonable polycount during all these years.
The main roadblock now is that the vanilla panther texture included in the huntress's is really bad and prevents making anything good-looking if used.

About separate versions, they aren't bad ideas per se: once my own project is done, anyone can edit my releases however they want, including making what kellym0 suggest (cosmetic head transplants on the old panther).
The only obstacle I could foresee to this kind of plans is a simple consideration: "why transplant a good head on a bad model's body, when you can have a good-looking head AND body in a single model bundle (that I will provide)?"

Old blizz models about wolves and cats, they look wonky and more of a platypus like.
This face looks better and more catly. I once made a model of like a cat too, but it resulted to look like a foot face. Anyways, this concept is awesome.
Thankss for the summoning, man. :)
:( My life has been enslaved to CAD (job stuff) and missing photoshop. But I will come back fo photoshop sometime soon.

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