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"N'raqi Techtree (Buildings)"

"N'raqi Techtree (Buildings)"

Just finished working on the forest troll faction, now on the faceless ones.
Gonna work on 5-6 more factions before break. I'll be back both on modeling and mission-making. ;)
I remember I got the pack somewhere in wc3-maps.ru, site larger than hive I think but almost all of the files there are reposted or repacked, anyways, now I have known it's yours, my apologies. Are these stuff in one of your map resources. Anyways, mind if I use those and in the future, release them as part of campaign man?

Dit lyk goed? Or it like coeds? xD
I too have found my models on other sites, such as my Hydras, though lesser un finished ones, my Flowers, and my Northern Lights.

but its impossible to feel bad about it, its flattery, though mis-guided and mal-practiced it is still flattery, I just see it as some random russian guys/gals are taking my english resources and turning them into russian or chinese ones for other russians/chinese. It doesn't hurt my feelings that much, though the lack of credits is cringe worthy.

my hydra had the description saying ''absolutely no description what-so ever...'' as supposed to ''None.'' like others did on the site. it shows some level of humor any way.

hes/shes probably using your models because he/she likes them. Atleast battleborn asked. =)
^^ Thanks for further defining the concerns man.
I saw that too, that five head hydra, I love the acid projectile more, if there is some fire, void, mana, or ice version of it, yeah, they can all fit for the dragons. :) Anyways, he doesn't seem to reply my questions and I think not interested with the concerns anymore? :(

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