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Meeting WIP5

Meeting WIP5

The color palette is set. A few things will be fixed here and there (like edges around some characters) before adding the proper lighting. It's gonna be interesting and a bit challenging for me, since I'm thinking about two or three light sources (sky-moonlight and torches).
@deepstrasz Sighh. Aight, I gave them a bit of spacing, just a bit. He's supposed to be speaking to her closely.


Had to copy/mirror a few areas, edit them too as they originally did not exist :/
@Galadgod , glad you do :D I'll finish it once I return from my short trip

@xISLx no, not her father (he's dead at this point in time - Memories ), he's the adoptive son of her uncle (the 'Captain' of their unit). They're in good terms with each other and share a blood bond forged through battle (rather than simply born with) :D

@deepstrasz well you insisted on it several times that I thought you meant it for real, as constructive criticism o_O (unlike the boob plunger thing). At any rate it wasn't even a major change so it's all good.
@ZethHolyblade Damn, that's complicated :D
I love it when an origin of something actually takes time to be explained
Kinda remidns me of every goddamn time I try to tell anything about my story :D
@xISLx Yeah it can be difficult at times :D. It's all part of expanding each character's background story and make them fit in a larger puzzle.

Originally they were just friends/comrades but I reconsidered Allard's role and importance and made it a bit more personal between them.

Aelena's relation to her late father (and half-sister) is much more complicated. It will be depicted in future artworks, certainly.

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