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While I'm adding the bright-shadow effects on the other half of the artwork I decided sharing this one that is already finished. I'll post the link to the final product later :)
@grunt That one is gonna be a personal challenge since I got no clue how to give all those colors an evening-rainy tone :S

But I'll struggle to find the right way, as it must be.
The full version looks absolutely insane
I especially loved those character poses, they made me wonder about how it'd look like if it was animated :D
@deepstrasz One day hopefully :D If it was up to me it'd be an action RPG mixing themes from Diablo and Dark Souls, either third or first person. The warcraft map thing I got even has 5 difficulties available that unlock or restrict features that would also apply there.

@xISLx Thanks man :) I intend on making progress with each coloring work. I too would like to see them animated, though drawing each sequence would be a nightmare given all the details (especially them chain-mail rings) :D
@ZethHolyblade never liked games which restrict content depending on the difficulty you're playing on. Sure, it's your problem if you like and can take a challenge but that shouldn't make the worse players feel inferior. It's a game, not real life, you know.
First person!? No way, maybe like Diablo is? Then yes. 3rd person is more immersive, yeah, but first person, to me it just doesn't work in a melee medieval setting. Sure, if you only shoot/attack from a distance, then yes but otherwise, meh. I could be wrong, maybe the implementation matters? I'm just saying I didn't have good experiences with first person medieval games when attacking with a sword or defending with a shield. The only good one with a shield was back on Counter-Strike 1.6 but you only used it for defense and you attacked with a gun, in rare cases with the knife but that wasn't easy to do at all.
Don't put it as "Restricting features with easier difficulty"; View it as "Unlocking features with harder difficulty"
The second one adds a ton of replayability to the game, while also providing the player with a sense of reward, achievement and accomplishment every time they beat it

As for the camera view, third person is usually the way to go with fantasy action games
@deepstrasz & @xISLx Well I did mention unlocking content besides restricting some for my map/rpg xD. Some people have trouble beating high difficulty games that is true which is why I believe in allowing you to choose one, which allows or denies you from seeing certain things as you get more skilled.

I think I mentioned it before, but I'm also okay with a game teasing/mocking you if you actually outright go for the easiest of difficulties. After all, I grew up with Id Software games and the like Wolfenstein3d's "Can I play Daddy?", Doom/Doom2's "I'm too young to die", Heretic's "Thou needeth a wet-nurse" Hexen's "Squire/AltarBoy/Apprentice" (In my case: "Mortal" for very easy :D)

For example when playing on easy and very easy difficulties your character will pretty much steamroll through the place (especially with the latter) and features like character biological needs, gear conditioning, special quests, and locations are disabled unlike with normal, hard, and very hard where stuff happens differently (I.E. Base is safe in VeryEasy/Easy/Normal, but would get attacked in Hard/VeryHard).

Moreover, enemy skills and behavior would improve, besides the traditional increase in damage hp and armor most rpgs have), tied with better or more substantial rewards scaling together with difficulty.

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