Goblin Battle Balloon

Goblin Battle Balloon

The target is a bit too contemporary.
Could drop bombs like the Red Alert Kirov instead.
That reactor is for propelling right and the pointy end for aerodynamics?
@deepstrasz Back then the unit was intended as an anti air unit for my goblin race.

That's an engine on the backside with a giant propeller. Not exactly clear from the screenshot, I know..

As a note: from what I found 3d coat doesn't support alpha channels properly at least to my knowledge, hence the texture for it and the target are all black.

Anyway, the design won't change.
@deepstrasz you misunderstood: I meant that the program which I used to make this screenshot doesn't support alpha channels.
The actual texture has the proper alpha channel and won't look like this.
lol is that baloon a sc2 terran magmine? if it is, hilarious.

balloons detail is great. the compartment under is a bit uhhh. yea.

try importing a boat, like say the human tier 2 medium size destroyer boat, and delete the sails and masts/reskin that to look goblin/orc, those ships are famous for looking nice mesh wise. might help it look ''bigger'' and might give you a nicer piece of mesh to work with for the main cannon.

as it is now, its box is so small, the cannon seems so off lol. but still neat I guess.

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