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Any suggestions to help fill it in?
Hmm I feel like the ground texture needs to be darker.. Dosent fit in my opinion..
Is erebor supposed to be an underground fortress? the surrounding stone cliffs/walls give me this feeling(sorry, i dont know much about Middle Earth lore)
maybe you can put rock doodads around these cliffs?
Looks nice, but the northwest and southeast areas are really empty, maybe you can look at pics from erebor from wotr or something, i cant help much : (
(P.S i take that you solved the sharp cliff problem from this screenshot?)

@Hazop the reason it looks light (not dark) because herr dave had to make it look like 99% of the brick texture in wotr, the game which he uses as reference for his models and wotr project
@deepstrasz Oh GOD I can't have that D:

@Hazop When players pan the camera over Erebor, the lighting will dim to underground levels - everything is bright here so people can see the layout clearly

@SonsOfSami Sort of - it's a heavily fortified mountain dwelling, rather like a Karak from Warhammer Fantasy. I'm looking for suggestions to fill in the empty spaces around the north/west - hence why it looks-- bad :x
Dwarves do like to hoard gold (as far as I know), perhaps one of the corners could be a vault containing chests and piles of gold.

Also, really love how you used the obelisks in the throne room.
I suggest you could add some ray of light somewhere, wall/cliff torch or lights, and don't forget pathing blockers inside those columns and stuff you don't want your dwarves pass through. :)

You could raise the inner tiles a bit so that it would look like heaps of gold, and also items there like gold swords, chalice, goblets, jewels, pile of treasure, silver stuff, and gemstones.

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