Very nice edits. Are those custom textures?
Every wip of yours has that great warcraft feeling. Good job. Though I am currious about the animations, which ones you'll use.
@Stefan.K The textures are all custom, although I would love a chance to work on them some more. At the moment it just uses the shaman animations.
This one looks awesome. Looked at rest of your models, all are very creative and eye appealing. Are you including the portraits with them as well, so they can be used in projects such as campaigns, cinematic projects, etc?
This is the perfect sort of 'mix' or 'alternate spec' of the in-game Shaman; sort of like a Shaman+Cleric IMO. Love the face; very impressive for custom textures.
I think I helped you out with the portrait for this guy as well, right? @Hawkwing

It should be ready to be uploaded if he didn't had other plans for him.
@Stefan.K It would appear you did. Thanks again! :thumbs_up:

@stein123 I was not planning on uploading it to the resources section, but I will make the files accessible on the pastebin for now. Here's the link, if you or anyone else would like to download them.

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