I mean we have one but why not more? Interesting unit-version of the existing Archdruid.
@Kyrbi0 At one point I was developing a map where I had a number of Keeper of the Grove heroes and all of them were using one of Malfurion's many models. I got tired at how repetitive it looked so that was the idea behind this guy. Same role but with a somewhat different look.
No problem. Enjoy! If there's anything else in my gallery that you need, let me know. I should still have all the files. Anything that isn't uploaded as a resource isn't there because it may lack polish and not meet the moderation standards.
I see, maybe you could open a thread in the modelling forums with these resources? i'm sure many people (including myself X'D) will find them really useful, and even unfinished stuff can be fixed by anyone visiting that thread :B
Yeah I've seen plenty of people whip up a "model gallery" thread for WIPs & also for uploads when they don't want to go through the resource submission rigmarole. I'd definitely second that suggestion. : )

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