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Cuddly-looking cultists (WIP)

Cuddly-looking cultists (WIP)

I don't usually draw red ink artworks, but when I do it's usually a jolly experience.
@deepstrasz yeah, I already got it pretty much figured out (their lore yhat is).

What you've mentioned basically is the classic fate of demon worshippers: They either sacrifice themselves, serve as cannon fodder or possession vessels, or are later enslaved in body and soul.

Unless they 'ascend' to daemonhood and with a decent rank and title at that (otherwise they'd be treated as second class hellish denizens :D)
@deepstrasz Demons to humans not really, haven't come up with that idea or scenario at least. They can still disguise however.

Humans, evil ones usually, get their souls taken to hell and are eternally tortured in one of the thirteen hellish realms or kingdoms. Occasionally though, some are taken body and soul and are turned into demons... and only a few of them would become actually powerful ones at that (what I meant earlier).
@deepstrasz "ascension" in terms of hierarchy and power so to speak yeah. There are cultists obsessed with serving their demonic masters, while some seek to actually become or replace them.

Turned into demons by the Hellish Kings who are pretty much acknowledging their servitude and 'value' as assets to continue under their fold as demons (a promotion in the minds of most cultists).

Occasionally, good people are turned too: Arise, Ashkiss (COLORED) :eek:

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