Hunchback dragons, the dragons which cannot bend their back and require half a rotation to look above.
Nah during the roar animation for example they bend them selves backwards screaming into the sky jaws agape I think they look a bit pot bellyed tho
well stand fly is more droopy down like this picture here walk fly is more elongated like a bird, stretched back.

I just happen to show stand fly as supposed to walk fly.

as of now no they dont have any projectiles -- ive been working on the melee weapons first, not sure why.

today will be the black dragons turn, Im still deciding on a secondary color, which is as of now yellow, any ideas as to what would look good with black? as a secondary color?
@kellym0 what do you mean by secondary colour? For a team, lower rank, give me some details.

With black can go a lot of stuff: white dragons for contrast or any light colour you haven't used like soft pink, yeah.

EDIT: sorry, I couldn't resist.

The problem with colour tones, however, is that if you go beyond certain obviously different colours like blue, red, black & white (non-colours), yellow, they (the tones) will not be so easily spotted amongst all the others. Say, pink and orange are close to red.
black and yellow it is then =)

edit: late delay on the coloring of this one sorry friends heres the download link btw:


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