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Organism spider, must improve. Must turn into something better. Must give credits. Enjoying Required. redistribution to other sites unacceptable.

Organism, Spider, Must, Improve, Zerg, Infested.

ZergSpider.blp (Texture)

13:50, 17th Jul 2015 Kwaliti: Neat. Approved.

Deleted member 238589


Deleted member 238589

We've been getting a lot of spiders lately. Good work.
Level 25
Jun 3, 2008
Looks great. Nice amount of shading and highlights (perhaps the legs could use a few more highlights though). It's a bit blurry, but that's to be expected for that filesize/dimensions, and it probably won't be noticable in-game. Overall, great job on this :)
Wow. Everyone wants to make spiders lately. Can't complain.

Considering the size of the texture, you can't afford to sacrifice any detail by allowing it to be blurry.

Looks decent. Can certainly be useful. Has a great file size, but that's more because of blizzard's incredibly efficient wrapping of this particular texture on the corresponding model.