Zelda - Music Game

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Jan 19, 2007
Zelda - Forum Game (Music)


Zelda - Music Game

I gonna start here a new forum game, and as you can see it'll deal with Zelda and it's countless music themes.

Rules: I gonna upload an music file, and you have to guess in which
part of the Zelda this music is played. After I posted tht music file, this round takes 24 h, and everyone is allowed to post one answer with in these 24 h.

Prizes: If someone guessed the music theme right, he gets one point and I add him/her to this post. If no one can say me the right name, I'll get one point, after an amount of music themes, we decide for an ending. The winner will get 15 Reputation points, that would be me, or the member who has the most points. No award Icon in here, do not ask for it !

Note: I'll update this posting everyday, so you are all the time on news without seeing through all the pages. I'll try to increase the difficulty continuously.

I added a music file, so you can hear what I mean, it's called "-0-"
The answer of this easy one would be "Game select"

-0- Game select example
-1- Kokiri Forest Killer_Mushroom
-2- Zora's Domain Killer_Mushroom
-3- Inside the Castle PrinceofIce
-4- Navi's Flight undeadorcjerk
-5- Forest Temple PrinceofIce
-6- ??? ???
-7- ??? ???
-8- ??? ???
-9- ??? ???
-10- ??? ???

Current Zelda game: Ocarina of Time

Good luck to all Zelda fans, and try to remember :smile:



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Jan 19, 2007
As a Zelda player, I can tell that:

-0- Zelda Menu (Where you load your game)
-1- Kokiri Forest (First village where link lives)

I'm waiting for next songs. (^.^)d
Nice idea!

-0- is already said by me ^^ just an example.

I post tomorrow a new one ... and only the "fastest" one gets the point.
I started easy, it'll become more difficult... hope so. I do not count to get one point.

BTW, -1- is right.

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Apr 7, 2007
Hm I', not sure but I guess the music is played when Link enters
houses, except shops.

Btw why don't you play music of older Zelda games?
f.e. A Link to the Past etc etc etc.

EDIT: PrinceofIce is right, but I'm sure the music is also played if Link enters some houses.
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