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Yrel HoTS [Reforged Style]

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
"Her peaceful life was shattered when the savage orc clans forged themselves into a fighting force named the Iron Horde and set out to conquer Draenor. Yrel was captured and flung into a war. Now, she stands at the brink of greatness. Whatever her fate, Yrel is not destined to remain a humble acolyte in the Temple of Karabor. Draenor is in danger, and she's called to do something more: to shield her people from oblivion.[1]"

Art Style: Reforged Style
Tech Spec: MDX1000 (PBR Materials: ORM, Norm, Diff, Emis)
Game Engine: For WC3 Reforged v1.32-1.36+

Unit Model: Yrel_Gold_FullArmor, with portrait model, with FaceFX
Unit Model: Yrel_Gold_LightArmor, with portrait model, with FaceFX
Optional Textures: Yrel_Gold_TC_Fabric (team color on fabric instead of on metal armor)

Unit Model: Yrel_Silver_FullArmor, with portrait model, with FaceFX
Unit Model: Yrel_ Silver_LightArmor, with portrait model, with FaceFX
Optional Textures: Yrel_ Silver_TC_Fabric (team color on fabric instead of on metal armor)

Optional Portrait Models: Portrait_Freetalk (classic random mouth movement instead of FaceFX)
Asset Model: Yrel_HotS_49_AnimBase (original 49 animations from Heroes of the Storm)
-Intended as an asset for animation transfers

Ported From: Heroes of the Storm
Mesh by: Blizzard Entertainment (with added geometry by Soulstone)
Animation by: Blizzard Entertainment (with custom Death and Dissipate by Soulstone)
Portrait Model Rig From: Jaina_portrait.mdx
FaceFX Node From: Jaina.facefx_ingame
Textures by: Soustone (custom textures, based on HoTS normal map and HoTS UV shells)
Tools Used: pretty much all of them.

Anyone can do whatever you like with this specific model, while being mindful of the legal owner.
This model is legally owned by Blizzard Entertainment.

Thank you for checking out my works! glhf

Buttons (Icon)

Full Armor Gold Model (Model)

Full Armor Gold Portrait [FaceFX] (Model)

Full Armor Gold [Team Color Fabric] (Model)

Full Armor Portrait [Free Talk] (Model)

Full Armor Silver Model (Model)

Full Armor Silver Portrait [FaceFX] (Model)

Full Armor Silver [Team Color Fabric] (Model)

Light Armor Gold Model (Model)

Light Armor Portrait [Free Talk] (Model)

Light Armor Silver Model (Model)

Yrel AnimBase49 [Native HoTS Anims] (Model)