World of Azgarn: New Systems and Change log.

Level 5
Jun 11, 2007
World of Azgarn 1.21 will include:

Praying system: around the map, there will be altars. By using the praying command on them you can try to communicate with the gods.

Morale system: Depending on what morale you got, many things will change in-game. A player with extremly low morale can choose to join the side of evil for example. Morale are gained by helping people, and to lower your morale, just go around murder and stealing.

New Quest system: Quest givers now longer got marks over them. To find quests, use the talk command on a npc.

Fixed Bugs: Fixed many bugs.

Thundercity walls fixed: When 1.2 was released, this was the thing most people nagged on.

Enemies refixed: Hp and dmg and now balanced on bosses and creeps.

Max lvl lowered from 2000-50.

Xp gain fixed: Just because there are 50 lvls, it doesn't take fast to get to lvl 50.

And some more things i don't remeber now.

Also, the first giant event quest line in the map is starting in 1.21, The Return of the Fire Master.