World Doom

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World Doom (Map)

Level 2
Dec 29, 2004
Hey man, I really do love strategic warfare games and something that phases you out of the standard medival warfare of the warcraft 3 genre is a blessing I think.. but this map seems a little bit unfinished if ya ask me, the tech tree seems abit weak too.. You got different buildings that produce the same types of units, and some of those buildings are less expensive then others... and worst of all, just about (JUST ABOUT!) every unit in a particular branch is available to you at once.. and theres not much uniqueness among the different units of the same branch.. there all pretty much the same, just got different hp, damage, attack speed and movement speed. Theres not much strategy to it.. just pump out as much units as you can and send em to the enemy; it would be nice if particular units have specific roles and certain other units are good for counter-acting another type of unit. This is a pretty decent game though and with alot of potential for becoming something great.. but man, put a little more spice to it, will ya?????? gets a 2 out of 5 from me.