[WIP] Using Photoshop Brushes

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Brushes, whether in PhotoShop, GIMP, or any other painter program are one of the most powerful tools an artist can use. Brushes can replace anything that cannot be done with freehanding, such as creating repeated shapes or patterns seamlessly. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use these brushes to aid you in your 2-D Art endeavours.

Note: For all screen prints of navigating within Photoshop are at the end of the section they are mentioned in, for size's sake. I am using PS CS3, so some of the brushes may not be compatible for your edition, so I am providing a plain image file for every brush that I use. You will need to convert these images to a brush for your version yourself.


Introduction to Brushes
I. What Are brushes?
II. How do I Create Brushes?
II. How do I Download Brushes?
Using Brushes in Textures
I. Chain-mail Brush
II. Wounded brush
III. Rune Brush
Using Brushes in Digital Editing
I. Grunge Brushes
II. Blood Brushes
III. Facial Brushes

What are Brushes?

Brushes, in popular image-editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp, Correl, and PhotoStudio are the shape that color is placed on an image. A brush may be a simple as a 1 pixel by 1 pixel square, or as complicated as a whole photo. Either way, brushes are one of the most useful tools anyone with these programs could use. You can get brushes by making them, or downloading them from other sites.

How Do I Make Brushes?

To make a brush in Photoshop is as easy as cake. First, get an image that you want to set as a brush, perhaps a logo or symbol. Then go to the Edit Menu and scroll down to Edit > Define Brush Preset . Now, just name your brush and it will show up in your brush palette.

How Do I Download Brushes?

To download a brush is as easy as cake. First, find a site that contains brushes for your program. I personally use DeviantArt for my brushes. Even if you are using it only once, I recomend you sign up at DA, just because of the awesomeness of the site. Once you have found a nice brush pack and have saved it on your computer, click on your brush tool. There will be a little arrow that pops up near the top. Simply click the arrow and select the 'Load Brushes' from the menu, and navigate to your file location. Just double click on your .abr brush file and you're set!

Chain-Mail Brush

DownloadPlain Image File

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