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a reskin of the winddancer model by mecheon; request by mecheon. model can be found at Model Link

Winddancer (Texture)

THE_END: Great reskin of a pretty cool model
Level 8
May 15, 2004
nifty looking creature, nice skin. :lol: one small thing, you might want to make the feathers on the arms and wings the same colour as the head, greyish.
The head is not any good.. At least u shoud stick to the same feather colors all over.. and the head is also to big, but I guess thats not your problem. This is more related to the model, but I'm to lazy to go there searching for it :p The body is clearly a girl.. not a birdman.. Should have bigger body, and then, maybe, the head will fit as it is now.

Rating Skin: 3,5/5
Level 22
May 11, 2004
Wow you really turned that model around! Everything looks awesome...except for the feet, they just really dont fit the color scheme, although a quick recolor could fix that. ANd I dont know if that residual team color or "blood" effects on the armor there when wrapped in-game, but I don't think it fits in well. Fix that up and this would get an award from me.
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
Winddancer are female raptus footsoldiers

And I can clear up any residual alphaed parts, the only part of skinning I actually can do <_<;;;

Little chance on the talons and wings would have been nice, but oh well. Least I got the skin =D
Level 4
Mar 6, 2005
the head's feathers are different from body's. that looks so strange (better make body's feathers like head's)

but the rest is a great work, congrats

btw why Raptus for Birdmen?
the thing with the body feather's being different from the face is that mecheon said it to be like an eagle, so i used a bald eagle for a reference. as for the blood thingy, i cant fix that, only mecheon can. i'll probably resubmit this with the team color fexed and while i'm at it i might as well redo the feet.
btw, i think someone got into my account and made that previous post.
Level 11
Nov 9, 2004
the shade of the feathers are strange but o well.
body is plain kick ass.talons should be changed to be equal with the rest of the skin(you could have at least recolored it...)
everythign else is beautiful and the shading is correct.
i think this deserves:
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
Raptus Winddancer. Go and check out the models section

And yeah... I'll send the fixed alpha version to you soon. WoW and the Children's Day event and all the free XP and all

Oh, and the owl parts are used for the tail and wings, so they could do with an edit

And its Raptus because "Raptor" means "Bird of Prey". The dinosaurs that share the name of raptor were named so because their bone structure is simular to that of a bird. A walking, sickle-toed, killer bird yes, but a bird all the same