White Grand Stone Path

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Full freenhand painted texture, made for Enthashara's Tales RPG

White Grand stone is an updated version for old Grand Stone Path terrain texture, with new cracks and 32 terrain variations.
This bundle comes with HD and SD versions

You need to include diffuse, normal and orm files to importing path: _HD.w3mod\terrainart\outland
get ORM from drive (Hive uploader returns error when I try to include it here)

Please give credits if you use it in your map

Normal (Texture)

White Grand Stone Path (Texture)

White Grand Stone Path SD (Texture)

Looks good ingame. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot. Approved!
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
I love how this tileset (even just 2d texture) doesn't feel flat. You don't even need to mess the terrain, the stone will appear somewhat ancient yet pleasing to look/walk on it. I say it's a welcoming recommended choice for stone path.
Glad you liked it mate. It was done with this exactly line in mind "the stone will appear somewhat ancient yet"...
Have you tested it on hd?