Which Skill System should I use?

Which skill system is best for a WoW Battleground map?

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Level 8
Dec 16, 2007
Okay, I'm making a kind of WoW AoS map that will be similar to Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch. I'm making my spells and such right now but it's kinda hard to know how many level I want on them since I haven't figured out what kind of system I'll use to level them up and learning them. Since I don't want it to look like other WoW Maps, where you choose to be a Shadow or Holy or Discipline priest for example.

And since I will have about 5-8 skills at each "subclass" (Shadow and Holy) I can't really put them all without spellbook or some other way. And I think it will be a bit boring if each class could only have up to 4 spells. Of course I'll set the maximum level so one hero wouldn't get up to 16 skills (sry if I used the word Skill instead of Spell.. You know World Of Warcraft).

I'm thinking of giving each hero 16 SPELLS, and you coud get up to 8 of them.
I've thought of giving one hero (Priest for example) shadow and holy spells (Let's take just take 2 for now).

I've thought of : (Priest as example!!!)

Skill System 1.
Giving each hero 3 spellbooks and the heroe's abilities is Shadow and Holy. Once the ability Shadow/Holy reached a specific amount he'll get a new spell on one of his spellbook, spellbook 1 or 2. And inside the spellbook 3, he can level up the spells.

For example, when he his Shadow ability is level 3, he got spell Shadow Word, then he'll get an ability on Spellbook 3 named Level Up Shadow Word. When he casts it, the Shadow Word pain's level will increase.

Skill System 2.
(This is a system from another map)
At the start location there will be a place (like merchant) you can "buy" your skills with skill points. And you will also have a spellbook where you can level up the skills you bought as the Skill System 1.

Skill System 3.
Simple do as WoW Molten Core, I remove the Attack Icon so they could get 7, and the 8th skill will be passive which will be hided.

It's simple, but messy and confusing in-game.

Skill System 4.
The hero will have one spellbook where he/she can learn the spells in, and another spellbook where ALL of the learnt spells will be placed in, and another where you can level the spells up.

As the poll question, Which skill system is best for a WoW Battleground map?