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Where are the tutorials of wurst

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Level 2
Mar 15, 2015
I have heard that Wurst is a powerful language to design maps,but I can't find the prime tutorials.
Could you send me a link?
Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.:goblin_good_job:
Wurst isn't a language, it's a syntax which is just another way of typing the actual powerful scripting language JASS which isn't that powerful... It's just quite powerful in terms of modding and what you can do with it however sadly it still doesn't give you much power as its very slow.

Though yeah currently your out of luck unless your good at learning by yourself, you might be able to find some Wurst resources on here though to learn from.
That is definitely wrong. Maybe it is slightly slower than vJass, but that depends on the usecase.
In general Wurst is interesting for programers who have some experience with other programing languages and want to have a better workflow.

"That is definitely wrong."

Since both convert to JASS then they're the same speed. Doesn't matter since in the end its JASS which is slow still. I didn't mean Wurst or vJASS, I meant how they convert to JASS and how slow the map script is.

Edit: Wurst isn't better then VJASS in any way, it's just different. Currently it is wurst then it though since there isn't much out for it.
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