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Where are Icons, Models and Skins in 1.18?

In the 1.18 patch of TFT appear new models, skins and icons, in the current case: the models, icons and skins of the Alchemist, Firelord and Tinker Heroes. :? I searched through the MPQs with my War3 Viewer, but I couldn't find any of those icons. Do you know where the models, icons and skins of these three Heroes are kept, because I can't find anything no matter where I look! :x All I want to do is view them and extract them!
:( I already tried to use this model editor, but my DirectX09 is kinda... f***ed up.

I would really appreciate if someone could spare some time for me to extract the MDX and BLP files and email them to me. My email is [email protected]

Look, I only need the MDX and BLP files from the patch. Nothing less, nothing more. I don't think this would be a lot of work, would it?
No, no, no, I think you got me wrong. You said you have Magos' model editor, right? And this editor and view and export both MDX files and BLP files, am I right? All I'd like is to extract whatever files there are in the War3Patch MPQ, and email them to me in 1, 2, 3 or more letters. Can somebody do that?

By the way, I need the Tinker, Alchemist and Firelord Icons (BTN, DISBTN, DISPASBTN, PASBTN and scorescreen), the icons of their abilities, the Hero skins and models and the models of the abilites (Cluster Rockets, Acid Bomb, Transmute, Volcano and etc.) With other words, I may need every BLP and MDX file in the patch. :oops:
Ok :? change in plans, guys. I don't think I'll need all MDX and BLP files. I only need the Cluster Rockets icon, the Engineering Upgrade icon, the Acid Bomb icon, the Transmute icon, the Soul Burn icon and the Incinerate icon. I would be grateful if you could also find me that Alchemist and Tinker skin... please? I really need these files! If you could just send them to me on my email... [email protected]